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Who is ITS Technologies?

ITS is a professional and engineering staffing firm and technical employment agency that specializes in placing highly qualified professionals in engineering, manufacturing, construction, architectural and other technical jobs and professional areas. We are committed to identifying and recruiting the best talent for our clients, and providing candidates in search of engineering jobs and other technology jobs that offer the most challenging and rewarding employment opportunities.

Founded as a subsidiary of an engineering firm, ITS Technologies has grown since 1984 into one of the Midwest's largest and most respected technical staffing firms.

Why should you choose ITS for technical staffing?

ITS Technologies specializes in contract staffing, contract to hire, and direct hire professional employment opportunities and offers unique employment services and other advantages to its consultants. ITS can manage the process of finding a new job for you. We will:

  • Show you how to write a resume and cover letter suitable for today's job market
  • Review your career goals and other elements of your employment search
  • Give you the opportunity to choose your next project
  • Utilize our established contacts to market your skills to niche-focused decision makers
  • Arrange employment interviews for you
  • Negotiate with your best interests in mind
  • Work within your time constraints to find employment

    ITS is niche focused. We are the experts in the technical staffing field. That is all we do. Because of this, we know the decision makers, and we know who the major companies are and where the new jobs are to be found in your market.

    ITS will present you to the decision maker. Too often, candidates send their resume to a company and it is not reviewed by the decision maker. A human resources or non-technical person reviews your resume and decides whether or not to pass it on. Then, when they have the time, an already overworked hiring manager may review your resume. ITS works differently. We will present your capabilities and a skills summary to our established contact -- the decision maker/hiring manager. Immediate feedback is then obtained and given to you to help further refine your employment search.

    ITS will present you to a company in a different light. Often, when you send a resume to a company, you end up answering many unnecessary questions. The company sees you as an unhappy, unsatisfied or unemployed person that has reasons to be looking for a new job. Then, you are put in a position to explain those reasons. This puts you at a disadvantage when negotiating. ITS works differently. You will be presented to the decision maker as a highly qualified and successful employee of ITS who is available for their next assignment or may be motivated to make a change for a better employment opportunity. This difference is very important as far as how the company views you.

    ITS can provide you with a variety of projects to choose from. This will allow you to gain experience in a variety of employment settings and build a very impressive resume. All the while, you will be an employee of ITS, also building seniority and longevity on your resume.

    Negotiating. There's nothing more stressful than trying to negotiate, especially when you want that new job, but as a contract staffing employment agency recruit don't know if you are pricing yourself correctly. Let ITS take the stress out of the negotiation for you. Regardless of the job description, ITS will negotiate to get you the best deal possible. We know your needs and what the client can afford. Together, we will get you the best compensation package.